About Holly

Current Role:
Sr. Web Visual Designer @ Autodesk, Inc.

Holly Mathews is an Illustrator/Visual Designer/Art Director in the San Francisco Bay Area focused on creating smart, playful, and conceptual work for online retail, branding, tradeshow design, illustration, and more. Aside from day-to-day projects she loves getting teams together for drawing & crafts sessions, and will never say no to a walk to the taco truck.

Raised in a small town outside of Nashville, TN, Holly has had the opportunity to live all over – Nashville, Chicago, Cleveland, & now San Francisco. The Bay Area is now her home – along with her wiener dog, Brain (the pup from Inspector Gadget), and her siamese cat, Digit (she’s a polydactyl, ie. “Hemmingway Cat”).

PewPew Creative

If you couldn’t tell by now, nerd-dom drives Holly’s passions. The name “Pew Pew” is a throwback to the biggest icons of nerd culture: light sabers, blasters, video gaming, and cinema. It’s the sound she makes when she wins at bowling or sends an email.